A fire pit or simply a fire hole source is a hole or pit intended for burning fire. It may be an outdoor pit like those that children play in or it may be a wall mounted pit used by adults as a source of heat and light. The common characteristic of fire pits is they are specifically designed to contain the fire so that it does not spread. In fact, many people think they are meant to be used only for cooking but this is not the case.

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A fire pit can be used to cook over an open flame or to generate much needed airflow through a space where there was once no source of heat. In fact, fire pits have been designed to look like a complete source of heat and light and the flames will literally come alive with the right fuel. Many of the fuel choices for these pits are readily available at your local hardware store. Some choices include large logs that can be stacked to take advantage of their high temperature output. Other fuels are readily found in your local grocery store like soybeans, rice, peanut butter, or vegetable oil that can be used to provide fuel for the flames.

One of the main differences between a traditional campfire and a fire pit is that traditional campfires were started with wet wood from the firewood pile. This practice reduces the probability of smoke inhalation and other health risks associated with inhaling large particulate matter. Fire pits utilize dry materials like sawdust or mulch from a traditional campfire. These materials emit less smoke and result in lessened health risks. There are also no worries about getting too hot or freezing since the fire is contained by the fuel source.

Fire pits are an excellent way to provide an outdoor gathering or even a romantic evening for two. When an outdoor fire pit is used as an additional or alternate table, it provides the opportunity to grill food while enjoying the ambiance of the outdoors. Most people enjoy the taste of grilled foods, and the convenience of cooking or grilling outdoors. If you have always wanted an outdoor kitchen but do not have the space or want an inexpensive alternative to a full kitchen, you may want to consider purchasing an outdoor gas grill to meet these needs.

Fireplace height can vary widely depending on your personal preference, but most individuals enjoy a fire pit level surface that is approximately three feet high and four feet across. If you prefer a more traditional type look, you may want to consider a stone fireplace surround or even a brick fireplace surround. Stone surrounds can be purchased in a variety of colors and sizes to match the decorating scheme of any home. Brick is a popular material for a traditional fireplace surround because it is both beautiful and durable. The size and shape of the fireplace area will depend on personal preference, but most individuals enjoy a square or rectangular shaped pit that is roughly six feet across and over six feet tall.

When choosing a tabletop fireplace or any other type of outdoor fire pit, you should be sure that you choose a suitable design that fits into your planned layout. Some people like to build their own outdoor fire pit using decorative stone mantels or other structures surrounding the area to help define the boundaries. Fire pit designs can be as simple as a raised surface that is surrounded by a mesh screen, or as complex as a lattice-style construction complete with ceramic or granite tiles or stones. There are many options available when deciding on the best type of design to build.